I am stuck! Every day I spend several hours in an office, sitting at my desk, in front of a computer. Well actually in front of several computers. Writing software, correcting bugs, reading and writing boring documents… At least it pays the rent. Doing this work earns me money that feeds me and my kids physically. But it does not feed my heart and soul!

I do not wish to work with machines, I want to work with people! Computer Systems are all about handling vast numbers of nitty-gritty details that need to be absolutely correct. Like traveling by car from New York to Los Angeles being forced to register the license numbers of every car you meet down the road. You cannot admire the view along the road, must not enjoy conversation with your fellow passengers, no detours along that beautiful winding side road, no spontaneous excursions… Just keep your eyes and mind focused on those approaching license plates.

Would you enjoy that car travel? 오피

Probably not. If you make a travel like that you would of course make sure you had nice company, good music in the car, pass by some nice sights, stop to eat nice food etc. You would simply do everything to make that travel as enjoyable and fun as possible, wouldn’t you?

Life is like one long travel! Only you do not know the destination, you do not know the arrival time, you do not know the crossroads and the towns and cities along the road. But still you had better make the travel as enjoyable and fun as possible, just like you would when going on a car travel! Life is too precious to waste “recording license numbers”.

Human beings are not made to sit at a desk all day! We are made for a life in motion, meeting and mingling with fellow humans, exchanging ideas, experiences, points of view… And we are made for a life of change! Different schedules, different places, different people. Living a life of routine will slowly cause us to become bored. Another bad thing about traditional office work is that it kills off our natural creativity and destroys our initiative power. Sitting at a desk all day making routine work will make our brains work slower and less efficient, and we get used to having a boss that tells us what to do! Eventually we all do just what we are told to do and nothing else! We become like machines!

Contrary to this, you can run your own (home based) business. No boss to tell you what to do, be your own boss! Decide for yourself what need to be done! Form your own work days, your own success story! This demands a little bit more of us, but this life is far more rewarding. Add to that to work with something that you truly love, something that is important to you, then your work days will be filled with satisfaction!

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