Most men dating women have no idea what they are doing, they are just getting frustrated and angry with women without knowing what’s truly missing in their dating life. These facts are what every woman wants a man to get and understand, and these facts are what most guys seem to never understand.

Men dating women nowadays are truly mislead, there is all this talk in TV, magazines, internet and radio about what works and what doesn’t with women.

The truth is that these information for the most parts are simply false assumptions made by guys or even girls who don’t seem to understand what women want because all what they are saying isn’t really working.


  • The very first fact men dating women should know is that women are looking for a bad/nice guy. คลิปหลุด


This will sound very confusing and it is, but it’s the reality. You may have noticed this at least one time: A woman will be dating a guy who mistreats her and gives her a bad time, yet she doesn’t seem to be leaving him any sooner. And a woman dating a guy who is very nice and caring yet she goes cheating on him or dumping him.

Well, this is totally normal in women if you know what they want from men.

Women want a bad boy, in that I mean a guy who is mature, daring, aggressive when provoked by her (wow cowboy, don’t go beating her for a yes or a no, aggressive simply means that he won’t let her ridicule or degrade him).

And women also want a nice gentle guy. Don’t get me wrong here, she wants the same guy, but who can take two different roles. For example, he is usually a nice guy, funny and fun to be with, who also decides for her and lead her and when she tests him or gives him a hard time is ready to leave her. A woman wants a guy who knows his true value and is clear about what he wants and how he wants to be treated.


  • The second fact men dating women should know is how women will remember you


Sometimes I hear guys talking about women and I notice that they usually have it all figured out wrong. For example they think a woman will remember you most by the way you dressed or the way you made her laugh. They aren’t totally wrong, but it doesn’t work like that with women for the most part.

Women will remember you most if you: SMELL nice.

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